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Starting Over association rescues and rehabilitates hundreds of animals who suffered abuse and neglect each year. Beyond rescue and rehabilitation, the association works to promote the rights of animals who are living under intolerable conditions.

Alongside these projects, the association works in close collaboration with the Herut Center, an educational center that changes the awareness of thousands of kids, youth, and families that attends its tours, workshops, and lectures.

We need your help to continue to work towards creating a better world for animals as well as a better world for the younger generation. The association’s funding is based solely on donations. With your support, we can change animals’ reality, allowing them to be somebody rather than something and give them the opportunity to start over.

We wish to thank you on behalf of the sanctuary’s residents, those who need us outside the sanctuary, and the young people experiencing a shift in their perception and understanding of animals and of themselves.

The donation is recognized for tax refund in Israel under section 46.

Donate by bank transfer


Account name: Start over


IBAN Account No.: IL360111450000150269325

Donate by bank transfer
If you are in Israel -
bank account:

Account name: Starting Over
Account 167650
Discount Bank
Branch 145 Weizmann Givatayim

Receipt for donation by bank transfer or through the Apps.

Please send us a message to

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