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Herut center - The educational center

The Herut Educational Center for Innovation and Sustainability Studies named after Agam Levy” is First-of-Its-Kind in Israel. The center serves as a link between nature and technology and it is located at the heart of a rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary for animals.

The center was founded in 2021 by Orly Vilnai (an Israeli journalist) and Nitzan Meiseles (a brain and cognition researcher) with the fundamental belief that teaching the values of empathy and compassion to kids is the path to transforming our worldview - that the world belongs to everyone and not only to us, human beings. This educational center is not only “a school for compassion” but an innovative venture that utilizes the knowledge of kids and youth in the field of digital technology to invent projects that would be beneficial for the animals, the sanctuary staff and the environment. The Herut Center is focused on teaching entrepreneurship and inventiveness while keeping in mind the importance of preventing harmful, abusive and violent behavior in order to create a healthy, tolerant society.


The students are going through a comprehensive educational process by being animal caretakers and developing projects that leverage their inspiration and knowledge for the benefit of the animals. The purpose is to produce a technological product, empower the children by equipping them with skills and knowledge and enhancing their self-esteem, all of which are advantageous in today’s dynamic and fast-changing world. The diverse curriculum is developed by experts, and by combining education with the daily work with the animals all students of the program become “Ambassadors of Compassion” and contribute to a positive change in their own environment as individuals.


The sanctuary provides a learning environment that emphasizes important life values such as empathy, kindness, freedom of choice and the acceptance of others. These values are learned through exposure to the rehabilitation method in the sanctuary which is based on tolerance, patience, mutual respect, positive reinforcement and love.


 “The Herut Educational Center” hosts a variety of visitors from all over the country - school groups, families, people with special needs or disabilities, at-risk youth and prostitution survivors. The visitors participate in workshops, lectures and organized tours in the sanctuary.

“The Herut Educational Center” is acknowledged by the Israeli Ministry of Education (“External Educational Programs”, program number 9189).

The sanctuary offers not only regular educational tours but also one-day workshops, annual education programs, lectures and long term courses

Get to know more through the center's website (Heberw)


Visit us - the tours of Herut Center

The Herut Center runs tours of the sanctuary on a regular basis. In the tours you will get to see our work from close up, the world of our protected animals, you will hear about  the harsh reality that those outside the sanctuary go through and you will feel the gratitude of our tenants for being given the opportunity to start over.

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Herut center in the media

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