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Meet our Nicki!


Nicki was brutally abused by children, who beat her with sticks and chairs until her intestines came out and she collapsed.


Luckily for her, good passers-by saved her a minute before it was too late. We immediately evacuated her to the Veterinary Hospital in Beit Dagan while she was completely dehydrated, bruised and bleeding.


After they were able to stabilize her, she went into a very complicated surgery with a low chance of survival.  Turned out that this baby was much stronger than we thought. Nicki survived the surgery and continued to recover.


For two months we would pick her up and help her stand on her feet. Over time, and with the help of an enriched diet, and plenty of love Nicki’s desire to receive the help offered to her - Nicki completely recovered and joined our herd of rehabilitated donkeys along with Yahli and Doron, other foals that have recovered along with her.

Of course they stayed and will remain forever a small, happy and cohesive herd, within the herd of donkeys.

Adopt me!

10$   Monthly
20$   Monthly
50$   Monthly
100$ Monthly

Or other amount

Nicki's friends:

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