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About us

Starting-Over is a non-profit organization that rescues animals.


The shelter rescues and rehabilitates animals from the streets and from animal industries. Animals arriving from all across the country, after being brutally abused, severely neglected or abandoned.


The shelter gives all animals a chance to live a life of freedom, love, safety, actually to start over.


The shelter is a culture center, where people visit, expose and learn about respect and care for animals.


It promotes education and advocacy for the love of animals, seeing the other and raising public awareness for the protection of animals and their rights for the purpose of building a solidary, healthy and tolerant society.


The shelter also maintains a mutually rehabilitative relationship between people with special needs and the animals.


We work for education, for values, ​​and we do the best to empower youth at risk, and people with disadvantaged, through their integration in animal care and support, while encouraging and developing qualities of responsibility, givinness teamwork and respect to the other.

Words from Sharon Sharon Cohen -  the founder of the Shelter

Hello everyone!


My name is Sharon Cohen. 


Since childhood I have been rescuing,

caring and rehabilitating animals.


From the age of 14 I started volunteering at various animal

charities and working as an assistant in veterinary clinics.

I obtain more than 20-years of experience in caring for different

types of animals who need help. 


Animals that have been found in the streets, various animal industries, donkeys, horses, goats, cows, sheep, chickens, rabbits, cats, dogs and more.


From childhood I dreamed of establishing an animal shelter to rescue, rehabilitative, care, hug and to give all the poor and abused animals a safe home, a place where they can be happy and loved, without any human exploitation or threat.


Common to all those innocent good hearted animals, is their bitter fate; they all rolled in the “hands” of neglection, abusive and cruelty. With all they've been through, they managed to survive, because they wanted to keep living, they did not give up.


Arriving at our shelter comes broken, beaten, bruised, wounded, disabled and scared to death, but everyone has hope and a desire to live!


Everyone wants to recover, not to be hurt or scared anymore, everyone wants to live a life of freedom without any exploitation and enslavement by human beings. Just to live.


The shelter rehabilitates hundreds of animals each year, we give them permanent and worthy homes.


In order for me to continue my mission, I need your help, please follow our effort and support us.


Thank you,


Sharon Cohen

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