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Meet Jango!


In May of 2019 we received a call from a caring police officer who confiscated a miserable, malnourished horse whom could barely walk from a group of kids.


Jango arrived dehydrated and starved, in a terrible condition of malnourishment, a horse so scared of humans that he wouldn't even look at us.

The tendons in his front legs suffered irreversible damage.

We keep a close watch on him to protect his ability to walk! Always making sure he's on dry land, and keeping him on a strict diet so he doesn't get too big.

In his first few days with us he wouldn't even lift his head up from the humiliation of what he's been through…


The new life

Our incredible Jango is a very quiet and introverted horse, yet he loves playing with Hen, one of our blind horses that shared incredible chemistry with Jango from the moment they met.

Adopt me!

10$   Monthly
20$   Monthly
50$   Monthly
100$ Monthly

Or other amount

Jango's friends:

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