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No One’s Donkey!

We have rescued over 1500 donkeys,

1500 donkeys who lived a hellish life of hard labor until their death.


In Israel, there are still over 2000 donkeys who live a lifetime of terror and violence, from birth to their last breath.

We aim to rescue each one and set them free to a life of security without any more pain or fear.

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About us

The non-profit association was founded in 2017. We are located in Moshav Hirut on a 50 dunams (12.3 acres) sanctuary.

So far, we rescued and rehabilitated over 1500 donkeys from hard work and daily abuse.

The association exists only from donations; all the animals were rescued and rehabilitated thanks to the support of the public.

1500 donkeys are just beginning our journey to save Israel's donkeys.

The association's promotional video


Our solution

With this first-of-a-kind world project, almost 400 of those 1500 donkeys were flown to wonderful sanctuaries in France

All donkeys are now living their best life in sanctuaries that were happy to receive them and give them a life of freedom and love for the rest of their lives.

A short film we created about the project

הפתרון שלנו למענם


Following the war, the flight project is on hold,

but we cannot stop and must continue to fight for them with all our might, not abandoning even a single donkey!

Our Starting Over sanctuary holds 1600 animals, of which almost 1000 are donkeys, 100 horses, and hundreds of other animals.

Donkeys have always suffered from poor public relations through no fault of their own!

Today, in Israel, there are over 2000 donkeys still enslaved to the point of death.

Until the flight project is renewed, we must take an additional 9 dunams (2.2 acres) so that we can continue to rescue and rehabilitate additional donkeys that are still being abused and live under a violent and bitter reality.

Our goal is to rescue and free every last donkey to a sanctuary, and with your help, it's possible!!!

With your continued support, we can prepare the area, fence it, build feeding facilities and sheds, and provide food, rehabilitation, and medical treatments for the donkeys that will come to us.

המצב כרגע

Help us continue to set them free

Donate by bank transfer


Account name: Start over


IBAN Account No.: IL360111450000150269325

Donate by bank transfer
If you are in Israel -
bank account:

Account name: Starting Over
Account 167650
Discount Bank
Branch 145 Weizmann Givatayim

Receipt for donation by bank transfer or through the Apps.

Please send us a message to

Thanks ♥️

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