Starting Over is a non-profit organization whose goal is to rescue, help and rehabilitate animals

in need.

The organization operates and maintains a rehabilitative sanctuary for animals in Emek Hefer

(mainly farm animals). The sanctuary is home to animals that have come from all over the

country after undergoing cruel abuse, severe neglect or abandonment. Here they are given the

opportunity to live a life of freedom, love and peace, essentially starting over.

The organization started out in Ramat Hasharon and at the beginning of 2018 moved to a larger

farm in the Emek Hefer area, a 6 dunam farm with better infrastructure as part of its vision and

its desire to increase the scale of aid it provides.

Until now, the organization has rescued hundreds of animals. Today living in the sanctuary are

about 120 donkeys, 30 horses, 30 goats and sheep, about 100 cats, dozens of dogs, ducks,

chickens and rodents, and more keep coming day and night.

Some of the animals who come to the sanctuary will remain here for the rest of their lives, and

for some, we find warm homes after they complete the rehabilitation period. This is under a strict

screening process and the signing of an adoption contract stating that the animal is not intended

for work of any kind and is not passed on, and in case of a problem will be returned to us.

About 50 donkeys, 20 horses, and 200 cats and dogs were adopted to loving homes since we

began to operate.

Our donkeys and horses have been rescued from years of slavery, carrying very heavy wagons

without stopping even during the hot days of the summer and the harsh days of winter. They

suffered from poor conditions and painful and humiliating treatment, such as lack of water and

food, repeated beatings to induce rapid walking, severely injuring their skin and back, tying their

feet to prevent freedom of movement, wearing painful accessories such as iron chains to

achieve maximum control while carrying the wagons and more.

Most animals come in very difficult conditions, and some even remain disabled. For example,

we have three-legged donkeys who we fitted with special prostheses, something that has not

been done in Israel before, blind horses, a goat with a wheelchair, birds without wings, cats with

neurological problems and more.

All the animals in the sanctuary receive comprehensive veterinary care, premium food, lots of

love, and the rehabilitation they need whether psychological or physical. The animals are

treated daily by professionals in the field, while there is a veterinarian which is available to us

24/7 for each intake and rescue case.

We receive the requests for animal rescue from both the public and the state, such as the Israeli

Police and municipal veterinarians throughout the country. The current sanctuary expenses and

medical treatments reach very high sums, which are funded solely by donations from people

who find it important to help and take part in our mission, without a state budget. The number of

animals is growing daily, so are the expenses and work at the sanctuary, and we want to always

be able to respond to any call and to help any animal in need.

The sanctuary is open for visitors so that people can get to know the animals, hear their stories

and develop an awareness of their situation. We conduct educational tours to schools, aiming

for the children to learn about the world of these animals and develop compassion for them. In

addition, we cooperate with educational frameworks of the Arab sector, accompanied by

instructors from the sector.

In addition, the sanctuary carries out emotional therapy for various populations, in cooperation

with the Oranim College's Animal-Assisted Therapy program, and we have ongoing programs

for special needs populations such as mentally ill and youth-at-risk victims who visit and

volunteer in the sanctuary, allowing a relationship of mutual rehabilitation with the animals to be


For example, this is the second year we are cooperating with the Darna boarding school for

young people at risk. The youth come to the sanctuary every week and help with the treatment

and rehabilitation of the animals, while each boy or girl are responsible for the care of a certain


Among our activists and volunteers are Jews and Arabs, men and women, Ashkenazim and

Mizrahim, young and old - in short - good people from all walks of life in Israel, and we all work

shoulder to shoulder in an attempt to reduce the suffering of these innocent creatures and give

them new lives.


The shelter rehabilitates hundreds of animals a year

after being abused and neglected, and here they are given the opportunity to have a life of freedom and love.For us to continue and do the best for them we need your help.Our work relies solely on donations, and with your contribution we can change their reality together, allowing them to be someone and not something and start over.Thank you very much in the name of the current and future rescues at the sanctuary.

If you are in Israel:
To donate by a bank transfer:

Discount Bank

Branch 145 

Account Number 167650

A donation by Bit, Paybox or Pepper Pay apps: 0543314881

For a receipt for a bank transfer or app donation, please mail us at - 


We at the sanctuary rescue and rehabilitate hundreds of animals a year, after being abused and neglected, and here they are given the opportunity to have a life of freedom and love.

Today hundreds of animals live in the sanctuary - donkeys, horses, goats, sheep, chickens, pigeons, cats, dogs and many others ...

We respond to rescue calls daily.


In order to provide the best response and the best conditions for the sanctuary residents, we really need your help! Want to volunteer and take part in our work?

Please read the information below, fill in the form, send it to us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We’d be happy to have you join our family :) Thank you very much in the name of the current and future rescues at the sanctuary.

We need:

  1. Volunteers for regular work at the sanctuary - Physical work which includes cleaning, feeding, care, help with physical therapy for the sheep and goats and plenty of love for our residents - we’re looking for people who can come regularly once a week or two and help us with our daily work. Unfortunately, we currently do not have the option to receive one-time volunteers.

  2. Horse people - Help with care for the horses and donkeys at the sanctuary. Including hoof cleaning, washing, walking etc. For people who are experienced in working with horses, who can commit for a regular day once a week.

  3. Volunteers for educational and social activities - For experienced people who can volunteer every week or two.

  4. In addition - any area of ​​expertise you have and you think can help us, we would be happy!

Please note:

  • Volunteers will be required to sign a Health Declaration form.

  • Volunteering is from the age of 18 and above.

  • Unfortunately we cannot provide accommodation for volunteers.

And one more important note:

If you work in a company or organization, and you are interested in organizing a special volunteer day for the staff, please contact us!

Please make sure your contact details are correct before submitting :)

I would like to volunteer at -

Farm maintenance - cleaning, care and love for our residents

Caring for the horses and donkeys

Social activities at the sanctuary

להתחיל מחדש - צוות הקלט

Sharon Cohen - Founder

Hello everyone!

 My name is Sharon Cohen. From childhood, I rescue, treat, and rehabilitate animals of all biological species. From the age of 14, I began volunteering with various animal welfare organisations and working as an assistant in veterinary clinics.  I have around twenty years of experience caring for different animals that needed help and were gathered from the streets and from the animal industries, such as donkeys, goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, cats, dogs and more.

From childhood, I dreamed of establishing a shelter for animals with the purpose of saving, rehabilitating and finding warm homes without any exploitation by human beings. Many of you know me from rescue cases or from consulting with me ​​about various problems with an animal that needed help. The common denominator of all these innocent creatures is their bitter fate of falling into neglecting, abusive and cruel hands, yet they have survived thanks to their hope and will to live.


They come to me broken, crushed, beaten, bruised, wounded, crippled and scared to death, but all have hope and a desire to live! Everyone wants to be rehabilitated, not to hurt or fear anymore, everyone wants to live a life of freedom without any exploitation and enslavement by human beings. Just live.


The shelter rehabilitates hundreds of animals a year until we find them a permanent and proper home, and this makes room for other lucky animals that I can rescue. For me to be able to continue my mission, I need your help!


Thank you!

Sharon Cohen

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We and all the animals at Starting Over Sanctuary thank you for your support in our work!

Thanks to you, we can continue to treat and rehabilitate animals rescued from the streets and animal industries.




Thank You






Come and meet our heroes.

Our amazing residents went through hell and back and can finally rest and be taken care of by.

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