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Meet Liv! The mother of Hemi the billy goat!


Liv was found in 2017 by visitors in the petting zoo of HaKfar HaYarok, they found her isolated and left for dead, dying from a severe case of scabies. When we arrived to rescue her she was lying on her side, barely hanging on.


She was rescued in a collaboration between us, attorney Sagiv Levi and Let The Animals Live Association. When Liv arrived at our sanctuary she was petrified, with scabies so severe she looked like a rock. Every time she tried to move she screamed in pain.


Her scabies was so advanced her skin was stone-like in texture, thick and cracked to a degree she couldn't even move. We had to find a quick solution to relieve her pain!

We did some research and found out that coconut oil can help tremendously and it did!!! Her condition quickly improved!!!


For weeks we treated the severe skin infection caused by the parasites using injections, oils and baths until the stubborn parasite surrendered and the dead skin started to fall.


After a month that Liv was under our care we found out she's a mother! Two kids were left behind, both of them suffering from scabies. One of the kids unfortunately passed away before we rescued him, but his brother we managed to rescue. Our Hemi :)


The reunion was touching. They immediately recognized each other! Liv and her son Hemi are very close to each other to this day.