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Abu was rescued in 2019.


We received a call from an officer from The Border Police that encountered a dying horse that was lying on it's side, weak and starving without any strength to move or get up and with a cut up and swollen leg.

We later found out he laid like this for three days!


We immediately sent a rescue trailer to the place, and in the meanwhile a 10 year old boy that had horses of his own kept him alive and gave him water from a bottle, took care of him and kept him alive until we arrived.


Abu was evacuated and was hospitalized for three weeks, suffering from severe dehydration, colic (a bowl abstraction), and terrible inflammation in his hind leg as a result of riding for long and irresponsible riding.


After months of rehabilitation Abu became a beautiful, friendly and playful horse.


Today Abu is a magnificent, kind and gentle horse, that is sharing his life with the rest of our rehabilitated horses.

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Abu's friends:

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