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Meet Haya :)


In the summer of 2017 , Haya was found by Sharon, the sanctuary’s founder, just by chance on the edge of Route 444 when she was only a few hours old, with burns from the boiling asphalt, dehydrated and with severe heat stroke. She was on the verge of death


We were advised to euthanasia and put her out of her misery.
But we did not give up. Neither did Haya . Haya wanted to live!


Her sucking reflex was damaged so we had to feed with a feeding tube for two months. But even then we had no doubt that this little heroine wanted to live! 


Haya has always been special, she grew up in Sharon's house with the dogs and cats and became one of the family :)

Back then the association was still in Ramat Hasharon in Sharon's private home. 


The fight for Haya's life paid off! She surprised everyone and slowly grew stronger and today she is a beautiful beautiful goat. And happy, living peacefully with our large herd of goats.