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Meet Miko - the first donkey in Israel to receive a prosthesis!


On 11/8/17 Friday afternoon, we were approached about a small, wounded and skinny foal whose leg was amputated as a result of a rope being tied to his leg.  


We immediately took out a rescue, led him to the sanctuary and immediately called Dr. Tal Levy, our veterinarian. The family who found him bandaged his leg to stop the bleeding. We did not understand the magnitude of the horror until Dr. Tal arrived and took off the bandage. The leg was completely amputated as a result of a hard and old necrosis caused by the rope that was tied to his leg probably from a very young age. 


We immediately sent him to the veterinary hospital, where the hospital staff immediately received him and put him in for emergency surgery for fear that the infection would spread to the blood and then, it would be too late…  


After a week Miko was released from the hospital and returned to the sanctuary. We decided to look into a prosthesis option, and very quickly discovered that the task would not be easy. They never made a prosthesis for a donkey in the country .... The big fear was that the leg opposite the amputated leg would absorb all the load and collapse!

We did not give up! We tried and tried, we went through a company that specializes in prostheses, until we came to a technology company, and they, together with Dr. Tal, created a suitable prosthesis for our Miko.  


Today Miko is a charming, happy, appreciative and friendly donkey, who has long forgotten that he lacks a leg…  

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