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Meet Lena, the first cow that came to us!


Lena came to us early July 2018, from a meat and dairy barn. 


She survived because she was born disabled and could not stand on her own two feet. Einav, who lives on the kibbutz where the barn is located, fell in love with Lena and did not give up on her - she came every day for hours, taught Lena to sit still, stand on her feet with support, and finally, after a few months - to walk!


The owner of the barn let Einav find a home for her, and we got permission to be her home :)


For a few months, Lena was the first and only cow at the sanctuary. She was looking for someone she could connect with and she connected with Hipushit, a big horse that also walks a bit strange, big and fat, the animal that most resembles a cow,


We knew it was just a matter of time before a calf would need to be saved, and it happened 3 months later!

We got Snow, a small calf that was found on the side of the road by a police officer.

 The meeting between them was so exciting… as if they knew each other. How important it is not to forget the nature of any animal wherever it is. After all, a cow is a very sensitive and intelligent herd animal, with high emotional intelligence, which suffers greatly from loneliness without the company of its peers.

Today Lena is one of a herd of 5 surviving and happy cows.

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