About Our Sanctuary

Starting Over is a non-profit animal sanctuary, we rescue and rehabilitate animals from the industries and from other abusive or neglect situations.

The sanctuary is home to animals that have come from all over the country after being subjected to cruel abuse, severe neglect or abandonment. They came from the streets or from the animal industries and in the sanctuary they are given the opportunity to live a life of freedom, love and peace.

Our sanctuary is a haven for the animals that come to it, as well as for the people who visit it. We work to promote education and awareness of animal love, to accept the other, and to raise public awareness for the protection of animals and their rights in order to build a healthy, tolerant society.

In addition, the sanctuary maintains a mutual rehabilitation relationship between the animals residing here and populations with special needs. We work towards ​​education and empowerment for youth at-risk and disadvantaged populations by integrating them in the animal care and support, while encouraging and developing attributes of responsibility, giving, competence, teamwork and leadership.

Sharon Cohen -


Hello everyone!


My name is Sharon Cohen. From childhood, I rescue, treat, and rehabilitate animals of all biological species. From the age of 14, I began volunteering with various animal welfare organizations and working as an assistant in veterinary clinics.  I have around twenty years of experience caring for different animals that needed help and were gathered from the streets and from the animal industries, such as donkeys, goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, cats, dogs and more.


From childhood, I dreamed of establishing a shelter for animals with the purpose of saving, rehabilitating and finding warm homes without any exploitation by human beings. Many of you know me from rescue cases or from consulting with me ​​about various problems with an animal that needed help. The common denominator of all these innocent creatures is their bitter fate of falling into neglecting, abusive and cruel hands, yet they have survived thanks to their hope and will to live.


They come to me broken, crushed, beaten, bruised, wounded, crippled and scared to death, but all have hope and a desire to live! Everyone wants to be rehabilitated, not to hurt or fear anymore, everyone wants to live a life of freedom without any exploitation and enslavement by human beings. Just live.


The shelter rehabilitates hundreds of animals a year until we find them a permanent and proper home, and this makes room for other lucky animals that I can rescue. For me to be able to continue my mission, I need your help!


Thank you!

Sharon Cohen


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 עמק חפר, ישראל

Hefer Valley, Israel

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