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Meet Grandma Ariel

Ariel is a beloved and heart-breaking donkey. We turned the world upside down to save her. It took us months… We cried, pleading, and begging for her life. There were dozens of phone calls to anyone who could help until we managed to get her out of a difficult life. Finally, we won and brought her to a life of freedom, security, and contentment.

Ariel is not young; she is over the age of 35 years. Most of her life she carried carts and worked hard.

You can see the many scars on her face, on her back, on her legs, scars of chains after years of slavery she been through ...

When she arrived at the sanctuary, it was impossible to move around her. She was horrified from every little movement or unknown sound. She was so thin to her bones. She was always cold and covered with a Koben (coat). When she walked her bones were creaking. She even was terrified from her ball of food.

It was no wonder, for her the world was one big horror movie.

Finally, after two weeks, Ariel realized where she had come too, and her life changed. 

Look at her face now, look at how her face has changed, how she smiles, how confident she feels, how good she is now.


Today Ariel is a happy donkey, she is part of the donkey herd at the Hatikva compound, our recovering and disabled donkey compound.

Adopt me!

10$   Monthly
20$   Monthly
50$   Monthly
100$ Monthly

Or other amount

Ariel's friends:

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