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Meet our ALON

ALON, one of our biggest donkeys, came to us in 2018, after being severely abused for fun...

We received horrifying images of an unfortunate, thin, wounded donkey who had fled for his life on a highway against the direction of traffic.

One ear was cut, and the other began to be cut in part... but apparently, he struggled to escape and succeeded!

Rubber straps were fastened to ALON's  tail, causing severe necrosis. We quickly evacuated ALON to the veterinary hospital. The hospital staff was shocked from the deep injury. Alon underwent surgery and his tail was cut off and was to his severed ears injuries.

Alon's mental recovery took a long time, it was not easy to convince him that nothing would ever happen to him here and again.

Today Alon is a charming and happy donkey who lives peacefully as part of our large herd of donkeys.

It certainly seems that he has already forgotten the trauma… (:

Adopt me!

10$   Monthly
20$   Monthly
50$   Monthly
100$ Monthly

Or other amount

Alon's friends:

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